PartyLite! Kristine Kundert

Tell Us About Your Mom Business!
Your   Name: Kristine   Kundert
About   your business: PartyLite   Gifts, Inc. is a “YOU” based business where you make the money you   want, when you want. Discover a business opportunity that can be whatever you   want it to be… that can help you live the life you want to live. It’s   affordable, easy to start. You will recieve a $350-value Starter Kit that is   filled with beautiful candles, fragrances, accessories and powerful marketing   materials – everything you need to start a successful business of your own.   Keep your cash in your wallet…choose one of three ways. Choice 1 – Schedule   a Starter Show. Receive your Kit at no out-of-pocket cost with a $350 Starter   Show. Choice 2 – Gather Orders. Submit $350 in orders and you’ll receive your   Kit at no out-of-pocket cost. Choice 3 – Invest & Start Now. Purchase your   kit for $175 to start earning immediately. As a consultant you can earn money   through parties, online shows/orders, fundraisers, events and others ways.   You will make 25% profit on sales, an additional 7% when monthly sales exceed   $2000, you can earn a higher percentage when you become a Leader (on your   sales and an additional income based on the sales of your team). And now; you   can earn additional bonuses through the Money for Movers program. Visit my   website, contact me via e-mail or call me at 507-272-7728 to find out more. I   can’t wait to hear from YOU!!!
Startup   Costs: Less   then $100
Other:   PartyLite   Gifts, Inc. has been in business since 1973 (that’s 39 years)! We have   expanded to include Two Sister Gourmet entertainment food which is delicious   and simple. We have the world’s best candles, have over 50 fragrances and the   finest quality home decor. PartyLite is a business that makes scents and is a   company that gives back. ~ Since 1998 we have collected more than $12.2   million for the American Cancer Society. ~ We actively recycle materials   ranging from paper and plastic to carboard, even batteries. ~   Energy-efficient technology has reduced power usuage in factories and   distribution facilities worldwide. PartyLite makes it affordalbe and easy to   start your business. ~ Your own business website ~ Sales-generating e-mail   campaigns ~ PartyLite Preferred Program to create loyal customers ~ Online   training – free! ~ Company-paid Host program ~ Monthly specials ~ On-trend,   platinum quality products ~ Amazing bonsuses and rewards ~ Annual business   conference ~ Annual incentive trip ~ Promotions with great rewards I’m   available for in-home gatherings, online parties or orders!! I would love to hear   from you!


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