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Katie Evans

Katie Evans, Woman Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Katie Evans

Katie Evans, Keynote Speaker Clinical Hypnotherapist CEO Living Lite Hypnosis Centers

When author, therapist and CEO, Katie Evans, speaks she brings the house down with her humorous stories of coping in America in this day and age and then uplifts her audience with her inspirational teaching.

Katie Evans, author of Random Acts to Lighten Up!: Easy Tools to Redesign Your Life from the Inside Out, and owner of the Living LiteHypnosis Centers, Inc., has helped thousands of people lose weight while reducingthe stress in their lives. She has lost thousands of dollars learning how NOT to market and loves to share her expertise in that arena as well. She has been an expert interviewee on radio shows across the nation.She has published articles in Journey, A Magazine of Addiction Recovery as well as the Seattle Business Journal.She is frequently consulted by the media for her expertise in stress, marketing and hypnosis.

But things haven’t always been easy for this self-made business woman.

During one 18 month period in the mid 1980’s, Katie lost the restaurant she and her husband, Walt, had owned and operated for two years; they filed bankruptcy; Walt had back surgery and was an invalid for two months; they lost their home and while on vacation in January of 1986 in San Francisco Walt died of congestive heart failure. It was his fourth heart attack. He was 52 years old. They had been married for only seven years.

Katie knew it was time to quit smoking since it had, in part, killed her husband and she decided to use hypnosis to do it. She shared that idea with her Dad who said, “Why don’t you just become a hypnotherapist”?

As luck would have it one of the premier hypnotherapy schools in the country was a 15 minute drive from her home. In October of 1986, she enrolled in classes at the Washington Hynotherapy School taught by the renowned Charlie Tebbetts, the father of modern hypnotherapy. How’s that for luck?

Katie had been on every diet in the world and was 50 lbs overweight when she began to create The Lighten Up! Weight Loss program in May of 1987. As a constant dieter, she knew she had to create a program that she could live with for good and not die young like her husband, Walt.

While developing the Lighten Up! Weight Loss program it became clear to Katie that her mission was to help people save their own lives. When Katie started teaching Lighten Up! in 1987, every woman who joined the program wanted to weigh 120lbs. Today, they want to be able to tie their shoes and walk up stairs without losing their breath.

In 1997, Lighten Up! expanded to seven franchises and four corporate owned offices and became Living Lite Hypnosis Centers.  You can buy her weight loss, stop smoking and othr CD’s here.

Today, Katie resides in Annapolis, MD and loves spending time with her great-nieces and nephews. She plays golf in her spare time and she is a popular speaker on such topics as health, business and women’s issues. She continues to follow her passion: Using hypnosis to help people live healthier, happier lives.

Katie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Washington.

Her advice for women starting a business? “Be tenacious.  Follow your heart. Never give up.”