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The 2015 holiday outlook is festive.

This year, holiday shoppers will be online in full force! And, a record number of buyers will be relying on the internet to make their seasons bright. Shoppers surveyed plan to spend 23% more money in 2015 than they did in 2014, and 46% of their shopping will be conducted online, with mobile devices topping the list of how people find the perfect gifts for those on the nice list. 1

And, to add more fun to the festivities, 55% of those online shoppers plan to take advantage of sale prices to buy gifts and home items for themselves .1 Online retailers can expect more profit than ever in this burgeoning marketplace.
Online sellers would be wise to get their targeted advertising in order early to attract those savvy seasonal Santas to their online stores.

1. National Retail Federation customer survey 2015

Get Going!

Get Going!  By Lori Bratz

Starting a business of your own doesn’t mean spending all your hard-earned money.

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You can win if you don’t play!

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