Pampered Chef Canada – Jennifer Greenwood

Tell Us About Your Mom Business!
Your Name: Jennifer Greenwood
About your business: The Pampered Chef Canada offers Canadians high-quality kitchen products and tried & true recipes to help us to bring mealtimes back around the kitchen table more often. With products to fit every budget, there truly is something for everyone, whether they enjoy cooking or if they simply want to make meal preparations easier. The Pampered Chef consultants bring people together with their friends and family to teach them a new recipe using these fabulous kitchen tools. The hosts are handsomely rewarded with free products and fabulous discounts, never paying full-price, up to a full year after their party! The consultants enjoy a night out, meeting new friends, while supplementing their family incomes, and having the opportunity to turn the job they love into a full-time career. For only $195, you will receive over $740 worth of products and business materials to get you off to a successful start. For those that already have a kitchen full of Pampered Chef products, or if you are on a tight budget, there is a mini-kit available for only $105! Training comes in various forms: attending meetings, conversations with your upline, and 24/7 online training opportunities. You would be in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself!
Startup Costs: Less than $500
Other: I have been with The Pampered Chef since Nov 2009 and have enjoyed every moment! The friends I have made — whether they be fellow consultants or hosts or guests — have truly enriched my life. The extra money that I make each month helps to pay for my children’s activities and it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment to reach and to exceed my goals. I look forward to helping women AND men to enjoy the benefits that The Pampered Chef has to offer, whether they choose to join my team of consultants, or host a party, or simply purchase whatever products they need the most. How can I best help you? Let’s talk! :) Jen

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