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The 2015 holiday outlook is festive.

This year, holiday shoppers will be online in full force! And, a record number of buyers will be relying on the internet to make their seasons bright. Shoppers surveyed plan to spend 23% more money in 2015 than they did in 2014, and 46% of their shopping will be conducted online, with mobile devices topping the list of how people find the perfect gifts for those on the nice list. 1

And, to add more fun to the festivities, 55% of those online shoppers plan to take advantage of sale prices to buy gifts and home items for themselves .1 Online retailers can expect more profit than ever in this burgeoning marketplace.
Online sellers would be wise to get their targeted advertising in order early to attract those savvy seasonal Santas to their online stores.

1. National Retail Federation customer survey 2015

Beach Body – Kathy Rumsey


Tell Us About Your Mom Business!
Your   Name: Kathy   Rumsey
About   your business: I   am an online health and fitness coach helping to end the trend of obesity. We   provide the workout program, nutrition, support, and the FUN! It can be done   all online. You can also do home parties, Fit Clubs, classes in a gym, work   presentations, the possibilities are endless!
Startup   Costs: Less   then $100
Other:   If   you want to help end the trend of obesity then join my team!!! Our team is   about giving everything we can to help others and ourselves reach amazing   goals!


Vidacup – Sharlita Smith Jordan


Tell Us About Your Mom Business!
Your Name: Sharlita Smith Jordan
About your business: Pre launch is free. Our mission is to create a business where integrity is expected and common, and people come first. Vidacup was founded by an innovative team of professionals dedicated to changing lives around the world through exceptional functional beverages infused with highly effective nutritional products, while providing a rewarding opportunity for those who want to share them. The founding team of Vidacup has over 90 years of combined direct sales experience, both in the field and on the corporate side. We also bring expertise in many other areas of business, and believe this gives us a unique perspective when it comes to developing Vidacup and appealing to prospective Brand Promoters. We use cutting edge products, services, marketing, and research along with sound business development principles to bring the gift of abundant health and provide the opportunity to live life to the fullest. Our mission is to create a business where integrity is expected and common, and people come first; to form a culture where people are honored and respected, and to build a platform to heal families around the world both with their health and financial well-being. Vidacup is focusing on the coffee niche because of its large market potential and the social nature of the product. Given the social business model Vidacup plans to implement, it’s a natural fit! Over 400 million cups of coffee are served every day in the USA, and it is part of a $125 billion annual market globally. Combining coffee with nutritional and herbal blends shows promise as an emerging trend. Vidacup was recently awarded the exclusive distribution rights to what many believe is the most potent immune modulator on the planet; a new enzyme isolating extraction of the H1X1 Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom.. Clinical studies of this powerful mushroom have shown exciting and broad-reaching health benefits. Now, with this powerful new extract, health benefits promise to be even greater for the consumer. This mushroom extract delivers many times more health-enhancing beta glucans than any other mushroom on the market. Vidacup products will be infused with this super concentrate. In addition, Vidacup will be setting a new standard with their technology- based compensation plan. Vidacup introduces a free sign-up period during which anyone may join Vidacup and have access to a brand new marketing system platform that encompasses social media promotion. The word vida means life in several languages, and the team at Vidacup specifically chose that word as part of their name.Life is the most precious thing each of us is given – here at Vidacup, we want to do our part to help you make the most of it. Vision Statement: Success is measured in many ways. We believe financial success is important but not at the expense of the things we truly value in our lives. To that degree, we will be the best and most effective beverage and nutritional company in the direct sales industry. Vidacup’s vision is to be a successful global business, serving as many people as possible, based on the principals of integrity, honesty, and teamwork, with a commitment to the success of those that give their best.
Startup Costs: Less then $100

Kids n Bricks – Cathy Pettigrew


Tell Us About Your Mom Business!
Your Name: Cathy Pettigrew
About your business: kids n bricks brings the fun and love of learning with LEGO to children in so many ways – whether is it one of our fantastic LEGO-themed birthday parties, our in-school lunch series of LEGO Builders Club meetings, our challenging LEGO Robotics series of classes, or an awesome week at March Break or Summer Camp, kids will have a blast building, creating, and playing with LEGO!
Startup Costs: Less then $1000
Other: My kids inspire me in so many ways, and this business is no exception to the rule … after watching my own son’s fascination, first with LEGO, and then with LEGO Robotics, I thought – I can bring this same joy to kids all over by bringing LEGO to them! And so was born kids n bricks!

Pampered Chef Canada – Jennifer Greenwood

Tell Us About Your Mom Business!
Your Name: Jennifer Greenwood
About your business: The Pampered Chef Canada offers Canadians high-quality kitchen products and tried & true recipes to help us to bring mealtimes back around the kitchen table more often. With products to fit every budget, there truly is something for everyone, whether they enjoy cooking or if they simply want to make meal preparations easier. The Pampered Chef consultants bring people together with their friends and family to teach them a new recipe using these fabulous kitchen tools. The hosts are handsomely rewarded with free products and fabulous discounts, never paying full-price, up to a full year after their party! The consultants enjoy a night out, meeting new friends, while supplementing their family incomes, and having the opportunity to turn the job they love into a full-time career. For only $195, you will receive over $740 worth of products and business materials to get you off to a successful start. For those that already have a kitchen full of Pampered Chef products, or if you are on a tight budget, there is a mini-kit available for only $105! Training comes in various forms: attending meetings, conversations with your upline, and 24/7 online training opportunities. You would be in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself!
Startup Costs: Less than $500
Other: I have been with The Pampered Chef since Nov 2009 and have enjoyed every moment! The friends I have made — whether they be fellow consultants or hosts or guests — have truly enriched my life. The extra money that I make each month helps to pay for my children’s activities and it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment to reach and to exceed my goals. I look forward to helping women AND men to enjoy the benefits that The Pampered Chef has to offer, whether they choose to join my team of consultants, or host a party, or simply purchase whatever products they need the most. How can I best help you? Let’s talk! :) Jen

PartyLite! Kristine Kundert

Tell Us About Your Mom Business!
Your   Name: Kristine   Kundert
About   your business: PartyLite   Gifts, Inc. is a “YOU” based business where you make the money you   want, when you want. Discover a business opportunity that can be whatever you   want it to be… that can help you live the life you want to live. It’s   affordable, easy to start. You will recieve a $350-value Starter Kit that is   filled with beautiful candles, fragrances, accessories and powerful marketing   materials – everything you need to start a successful business of your own.   Keep your cash in your wallet…choose one of three ways. Choice 1 – Schedule   a Starter Show. Receive your Kit at no out-of-pocket cost with a $350 Starter   Show. Choice 2 – Gather Orders. Submit $350 in orders and you’ll receive your   Kit at no out-of-pocket cost. Choice 3 – Invest & Start Now. Purchase your   kit for $175 to start earning immediately. As a consultant you can earn money   through parties, online shows/orders, fundraisers, events and others ways.   You will make 25% profit on sales, an additional 7% when monthly sales exceed   $2000, you can earn a higher percentage when you become a Leader (on your   sales and an additional income based on the sales of your team). And now; you   can earn additional bonuses through the Money for Movers program. Visit my   website, contact me via e-mail or call me at 507-272-7728 to find out more. I   can’t wait to hear from YOU!!!
Startup   Costs: Less   then $100
Other:   PartyLite   Gifts, Inc. has been in business since 1973 (that’s 39 years)! We have   expanded to include Two Sister Gourmet entertainment food which is delicious   and simple. We have the world’s best candles, have over 50 fragrances and the   finest quality home decor. PartyLite is a business that makes scents and is a   company that gives back. ~ Since 1998 we have collected more than $12.2   million for the American Cancer Society. ~ We actively recycle materials   ranging from paper and plastic to carboard, even batteries. ~   Energy-efficient technology has reduced power usuage in factories and   distribution facilities worldwide. PartyLite makes it affordalbe and easy to   start your business. ~ Your own business website ~ Sales-generating e-mail   campaigns ~ PartyLite Preferred Program to create loyal customers ~ Online   training – free! ~ Company-paid Host program ~ Monthly specials ~ On-trend,   platinum quality products ~ Amazing bonsuses and rewards ~ Annual business   conference ~ Annual incentive trip ~ Promotions with great rewards I’m   available for in-home gatherings, online parties or orders!! I would love to hear   from you!


Profile: Working Mom


The Mommy Network Interview: Working Mom.

By Lori Bratz


Mommy Profile:

Name: Traci B.

Married: Yes

Age: 35

Location: Minneapolis

Education: BS in Education

Children: One child, age 1



What is your schedule like?


5 a.m. nurse the baby, get up, shower, get dressed, dress Meredith and have breakfast.

7 a.m. drop baby off at day care.

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. work.

5:30 p.m. pick up baby from day care.

6 p.m. nurse baby.

6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. dinner, workout, chores. ______________________________________________________


Q. What is your career?

A. I am a special education teacher at an Area Learning Center in suburban Saint Paul. I am also the lead teacher of a program that specifically serves teenagers who have been through chemical dependency treatment and are trying to work a program of recovery.


Q. Do you think you’ll always work outside the home? If not, why not? If so, why?

A. I’m not sure that I will always work outside the home, although I really love working and am currently doing my dream job. I love having my summers mostly off (I teach summer school, too) but I always have a tough time structuring my own free time. My ideal scenario would be to work part-time. That way, some of the hustle and bustle of a full workday would be lessened but we would still have money coming in, I would still get my “grown-up” contact, and my daughter would still get to go to the fantastic day care to which we send her.


Q. Do you ever feel emotionally conflicted about not following the “traditional” role of the stay-at-home mother?


A. I think the biggest downside of being a working mommy is that I feel emotionally conflicted in almost all areas of my life. I often feel like I don’t have enough time to be a good mommy, wife, friend, or teacher. I have to remind myself every day that what I am trying to do is very hard yet very rewarding and that trying my hardest is good enough. My husband is very good at reminding me to be gentle with myself and that I am doing a good job. My daughter is thriving and very happy. My job is very fulfilling in that every day I know I have the ability to affect others’ lives in a positive way. I’m not at the point right now where it feels right to be an at home mommy. Even though times can be tough, I see the benefits far outweighing the negatives for us.


Q. What is your typical day like?

A. I am still nursing and we do the “family bed” so I roll over and nurse Meredith about 5 a.m. Then I get up, shower and get dressed, dress Meredith, have breakfast and get us out the door by 7 a.m., drop her off at day care and get to work by 8 a.m. I usually work until about 4:30 p.m. and then I pick Meredith up at day care. I transport her both ways because the day care is near my work. Then we get home usually about 6 p.m., I nurse Meredith for about 10 minutes or so, then get started making dinner (unless my husband is on dinner duty for the evening) while she supervises from her high chair. After dinner, I usually try to squeeze in some “me” time by working out, getting online or calling friends but often the early evening hours go to things like laundry or bill-paying. Some nights I am just so beat all I can do is veg out in front of the TV while my husband gives Meredith a bath. About 9 p.m., I go to bed with Meredith and cuddle/nurse her to sleep which only takes a couple of minutes.


Q. What is the hardest part about balancing family and work?

A. Time management is really a bear. Also, I have really lowered my housekeeping standards (which weren’t high to begin with) and have grown more accustomed to having less time to do what I want to do. An unexpected perk, though, is that trivial matters that used to get me so preoccupied at work or in my relationship with my husband concern me far less. I no longer lose sleep over minutia. Ear infections and middle of the night fever spikes, yes, but work? No.


Q. Some moms feel guilty having their child in day care. Do you?

A. Happily, I have little to no guilt about having Meredith in the day care we chose. The woman whose home it is in is very impassioned, talented, and knowledgeable about what she does and she really provides a wonderful and nurturing learning environment. She does much more with the children than I would ever dream of doing if I were home and Meredith loves being around the other children so much. There are good day care programs and not so good ones. We shopped around until we found a terrific one.


Q. Do you think your daughter will see you as a strong female role model? Why or why not?

A. I hope so. A big part of why I work is that I feel a strong calling to see the type of school I have created thrive and be replicated elsewhere. I hope to instill in my daughter that everyone has their passion and that we all deserve to pursue that passion no matter what society says about what we choose to do. I want her to know that she as a woman is powerful whether she ends up with an out-of-the-home career or not.


Katie Evans

Katie Evans, Woman Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Katie Evans

Katie Evans, Keynote Speaker Clinical Hypnotherapist CEO Living Lite Hypnosis Centers

When author, therapist and CEO, Katie Evans, speaks she brings the house down with her humorous stories of coping in America in this day and age and then uplifts her audience with her inspirational teaching.

Katie Evans, author of Random Acts to Lighten Up!: Easy Tools to Redesign Your Life from the Inside Out, and owner of the Living LiteHypnosis Centers, Inc., has helped thousands of people lose weight while reducingthe stress in their lives. She has lost thousands of dollars learning how NOT to market and loves to share her expertise in that arena as well. She has been an expert interviewee on radio shows across the nation.She has published articles in Journey, A Magazine of Addiction Recovery as well as the Seattle Business Journal.She is frequently consulted by the media for her expertise in stress, marketing and hypnosis.

But things haven’t always been easy for this self-made business woman.

During one 18 month period in the mid 1980’s, Katie lost the restaurant she and her husband, Walt, had owned and operated for two years; they filed bankruptcy; Walt had back surgery and was an invalid for two months; they lost their home and while on vacation in January of 1986 in San Francisco Walt died of congestive heart failure. It was his fourth heart attack. He was 52 years old. They had been married for only seven years.

Katie knew it was time to quit smoking since it had, in part, killed her husband and she decided to use hypnosis to do it. She shared that idea with her Dad who said, “Why don’t you just become a hypnotherapist”?

As luck would have it one of the premier hypnotherapy schools in the country was a 15 minute drive from her home. In October of 1986, she enrolled in classes at the Washington Hynotherapy School taught by the renowned Charlie Tebbetts, the father of modern hypnotherapy. How’s that for luck?

Katie had been on every diet in the world and was 50 lbs overweight when she began to create The Lighten Up! Weight Loss program in May of 1987. As a constant dieter, she knew she had to create a program that she could live with for good and not die young like her husband, Walt.

While developing the Lighten Up! Weight Loss program it became clear to Katie that her mission was to help people save their own lives. When Katie started teaching Lighten Up! in 1987, every woman who joined the program wanted to weigh 120lbs. Today, they want to be able to tie their shoes and walk up stairs without losing their breath.

In 1997, Lighten Up! expanded to seven franchises and four corporate owned offices and became Living Lite Hypnosis Centers.  You can buy her weight loss, stop smoking and othr CD’s here.

Today, Katie resides in Annapolis, MD and loves spending time with her great-nieces and nephews. She plays golf in her spare time and she is a popular speaker on such topics as health, business and women’s issues. She continues to follow her passion: Using hypnosis to help people live healthier, happier lives.

Katie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Washington.

Her advice for women starting a business? “Be tenacious.  Follow your heart. Never give up.”

How To Eat Like a Toddler

How to Eat Like a Toddler ©Jan Andersen 2001

The first rule of thumb is to never, ever learn how to hold a knife, fork or spoon correctly. This ensures maximum mess, however carefully you try to manoeuvre your eating implements, although exercising care is not the order of the day. The second rule is to complain about everything that is put in front of you. It’s not cool to like anything that isn’t junk food. The third rule is to completely forget hand-to-mouth co-ordination. In fact, forget about any form of co-ordination completely. Rule number four is to eat with your mouth open at all times.

Once the above techniques have been mastered, the rest is simple.

Whilst holding your fork (in the wrong hand) like an ice pick or weapon, blindly lunge at the food on your plate several times until you manage to secure a morsel on the end of the prongs. At the same time, fidget around on your chair and concentrate on anything except the task in hand. Argue with your siblings, sing, pick your nose or talk to the cat. Even better, decide that you need to go and empty your bowels, returning to the table only when the food is too cold or stale to eat.

Once you have a piece of food dangling precariously from your fork, attempt to guide it towards your mouth. Miss on the first two attempts and stab yourself in the face. Cry loudly. Bellow hysterically when one of your parents chastises you for being so incompetent.

Wipe your snotty nose on the back of your arm or jumper, whilst whimpering pathetically and retrieve the food that has now dropped into your lap. If it has dropped onto the floor, leave it and attempt to harpoon another item on your plate. Wave your fork around before attempting to aim it at your mouth to enable any sauce or gravy to have time to trickle down your arm or onto the surrounding surfaces.

When you become bored, use your fork as a catapult, aiming your food at any object, animal or person that takes your fancy.

Wipe your mouth with the back of your hand at regular intervals and drop your fork in the middle of your plate or onto the floor at least five times during the meal.

Knock your drink over. Grizzle. Wail pathetically when scolded and told that you’re not getting a replacement drink or that the squash has all gone so you’ll have to make do with water and that it’s your fault for being so clumsy.

Repeat the above procedure until your plate is three quarters’ clear and you, the walls, table and floor are coated in an attractive, abstract design of second-hand food and drink. Mould the remaining food into a small pile on the side of your plate to create the impression that you’ve eaten more than you actually have.

If the menu consists of finger food, such as sandwiches, crisps etc., make sure you cram your entire hand inside your mouth, leaving traces of masticated fodder adhered to your fingers. This will come in useful later.
If you really can’t abide the thought of eating the fare that has been placed in front of you, particularly if it is classed in the healthy category and doesn’t involve fries or a mountain of tomato sauce, there are a number of tactics that you can employ. However, most of these fail to work, so you may find yourself having to resort to the inevitable, “I’m going to be sick” trick.

The vomiting method is most effective when you are being force fed like a baby, generally following an hour of shifting cold food around your plate. A couple of seconds after your parents have thrust an overloaded forkful of cold, tough meat into your reluctant mouth, start making gagging noises, forcing all the blood into your face and making your eyes bulge.

Immediately following several thumps on your back from an anxious parent who thinks yu are about to choke to death, re-issue the contents of your stomach into the centre of your plate, thereby allowing you permission to leave the table without having to finish that revolting meal.

If you do actually clear the plate by yourself, however, wipe your hands through your hair before yelling, “FINISHED!” and before your parents have had time to issue instructions for you to wash yourself.

Wipe your mouth on the back of your hand, submerge your knife and fork in the middle of any remaining food, remove yourself from the table and, en-route to the bathroom, smear your greasy hands over every surface you pass, in particular any pale-coloured, soft furnishings.

Quickly wipe your face on the nearest available dry towel, missing most of the dirty bits and leaving encrusted towel in a heap on the floor. Run into the sitting room and dive headfirst onto the sofa, transferring the remains of your meal from yourself onto the fabric.

Mission accomplished.

Jan Andersen is a freelance writer, mother, and founder of Mothers Over 40:, an inspirational, encouraging and reassuring resource for older mothers, fathers, mothers-to-be, fathers-to-be and anyone considering embarking on a midlife pregnancy. A healthy combination of humour, fact and articles on a wide range of lifestyle and social issues.

She is also the founder of World Writer:, a comprehensive resource for both new and established writers worldwide.

To contact Jan for freelance work, please email her at

Get Going!

Get Going!  By Lori Bratz

Starting a business of your own doesn’t mean spending all your hard-earned money.

Put up a good-looking web site together to get your business out there!  If you just can’t face building a web site right now, you can always just have someone else build it for you. is our fave! Of course, you should list your business with The Mommy Network, too! A simple listing in our directory is free. All we ask is that when you need to do business, you check our database first and patronize our mom-owned businesses. Support the business of motherhood!

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